My name is Henning von Vogelsang, and I am interested in the experience people have, with products, with services and with other people. Alle experiences need design: the thoughtful application of what we learned and discovered, what improves people’s lives.

I have worked in the tech industry for the past 15 years. I have experience in management, in business strategy, and I have been a successful consultant for product development, product positioning, user experience and service design. I know what makes a good product, the value proposition, and I have a track record working with startups to create or improve their services and products.

Henning von Vogelsang

My current passion lies in figuring out why people are doing what they’re doing, what motivates them and forms intent. I am interested in the psychology of interaction between people, things, networks and the mesh of social, economical, political and environmental correlations, which have effects beyond our imagination, so we underestimate their influence. These are also topics of my lectures, in case you are interested in booking me for your event as a speaker.


Born in Germany, I spent most of my childhood growing up in Liechtenstein. I received a graphic design education at the Schule für Gestaltung St.Gallen, at the time one of the four leading design schools in Switzerland. During this time I began to write, and I developed a growing interest in architecture, visual arts and photography.

As a student, I worked part-time as a journalist for the local media, which was also the beginning of my life-long passion for photography. I was fascinated by reportage photos, mostly by acclaimed photographers for National Geographic magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and the New York Times.

Jedes Haus ein Kunsthaus – Exhibition Poster by Henning von Vogelsang, Museum of Design, Zurich, 1995

Award-winning poster design for the exhibition “Jedes Haus ein Kunsthaus”, Museum of Design, Zurich, 1995. (The German title is a word-play with “art” and “artificial”. It means both, “Every house is a gallery” and “Every house is artificial”.)

My career started at one of the top five advertising agencies in Zurich, Switzerland. During the first quarter of this career, I also created award-winning posters for the Museum for Design in Zurich, and I was involved in designing a number of books for Swiss publishers. Then I switched from Art Director to a new career as Copy Writer—a nearly impossible transition at the time. I was drawn to do more conceptual work and Copy Writers wrote commercials and were masters of the advertising concept.

First an award-winning copywriter for a number of major advertising companies (Lintas, Zurich, Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Aebi Strebel, Zurich) I then became Creative Director at JWT Switzerland, Zurich, and a few years later, Digital Director at TBWA, also in Zurich. After eight months at TBWA I became a member of the board of directors.

Between these two steps, I spent almost two years in the San Francisco area, helping a friend build a Web company and learning everything I could about digital product development.

Since 2010 I have helped agencies, startups and tech companies to develop and improve products and services that meet people’s needs. I got deeply involved in the brand development process and identity design for various successful brands.

Soon I began working in User Experience, which involved every aspect of UX design, from customer research to the development of user journeys, information architecture, improvement of usability, prototyping with wireframes, as well as user interface design.

Meanwhile, my work for clients includes every aspect of what I have learned. From strategy to branding, to product- and service design, I work from the core, the essence of what makes a product or service great, and develop concepts with the goal of establishing better relationships between people and the products they love to use.

Currently, I am working on a startup project, I am looking into video production and podcasts (a stealth project at the moment) and I am working on the concepts of two books.

I’m not a Web developer or engineer, but I wrote the HTML and CSS for this website from scratch, without templates, frameworks or boilerplates.

If you are looking for a design lead, a brand strategist, or a passionate speaker, you can book me for an event in your city. I have been told I have the ability to engage an audience with thought-provoking ideas and learnings about the current developments and interactions between society and technology.

Feel free to get in touch!