AI assistant for a bank

A Virtual Customer Management Assistant

A “Co-Pilot” concept for retail banking services that utilises modern AI. An AI makes suggestions to customer account managers in realtime.

When a customer calls, the AI is consulting the customer manager about missing information, documents and other tasks. It shows a live transcript of the call, as well as suggestions in the field beneath the transcript.

Mood Tracking And Notifications

During the call, a dynamic emoij and notifications are indicators for the tone of voice and the general emotional direction of the call.

Each notification panel includes dynamic action buttons, which allows for direct or delayed editing of related tasks. During the call, a list of documents tied to the bank account is always accessible, so missing information can be added on the fly.

The concept was based on a dashboard environment we called “the cockpit” – a user friendly application for customer managers in retail banking.

Areas of Responsibility

  • User research
  • Development of use cases
  • User Stories generation
  • User Flow development
  • Ideation and wireframes for internal testing
  • Creation of interactive prototypes
  • User testing based on user flow goals
Cate Messaging App
Cate Messaging App