Leadership Roles

20 years in Product- and Experience Design, as Consultant, UX Designer, UX Lead and most recently, Head of UX. Prior: Digital Strategy Director, Creative Director. Responsible for projects, teams, budget, sales and new business. I provided vision and direction, consulting, strategy, talent acquisition. In 2010, I led a digital consulting team at TBWA Switzerland, where I was also a member of the management board.

Lecturer and Speaker

Three years guest lecturer at (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts), Business Management International bachelor programme. Speaker at corporate events (Microsoft Switzerland, Digital Economy Forum Zurich), summits and organisations. Dutch innovators and entrepreneur group “Visionscapers” in 2011.

Startup Experience

Two years in San Francisco (2004–2005). First experiences with startup idea uSite, a simple website framework before frameworks like we have today existed. Two years in Sydney (2014–2015), consulting of various startups at the Fishburners Startup Hub, increased experience with agile workflows as well as Lean UX. In 2016, I founded the startup River, with its first product, Join.


10 years work with Product Owners, Business Analysts, System- or Feature Architects and Developers. Familiar with modern app development based on Web technology (JS frameworks, micro services) and mobile (OSX, Android). Product ownership experience, versed in agile development, Scrum and Kanban.


First journalist work for a local newspaper with 16. Concert reviews and artist interviews. Became a copywriter in advertising. Various articles on Medium, magazines, newspapers, whitepapers and presentations on topics like the relationship between humans and products they want to use. Various posts and articles about experience design.


Design should be holistic and encompassing. Deliberate—not just creative. Choices are based on information and the resulting work should be improved until it’s solid, it works great and it has a certain level of elegance. I am experienced in User Experience Design, Service Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Brand and Identity.


The source of my motivation is to find out about why we do what we do. My work in Experience Design involves psychology, behavioural sciences, information architecture and – most importantly – empathy. I am driven by curiosity and an urge to understand relationships between people and functions, systems, platforms.


Currently in Liechtenstein, I’ve worked for clients in New York City, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Barcelona. Travel is always possible. Remote work hasn’t been an issue for the last few years. From December 2019 to October 2023 I have been working in Berne and Zurich, often hybrid or remote.

Education and First Work

Five years Graphic Design at Kunstgewerbeschule St. Gallen, then I worked in advertising, design, identity design and brand development. Award winning design museum posters. A Copywriter for eight years and Creative Director at renowned Swiss and German agencies, such as JvM (Jung von Matt) Hamburg and WIRZ in Zurich. Industry-wide recognition and awards.