A relationship between people and a brand is based on how well the product can fulfill the brand promise. The essence of a brand grows from its core, the values that are associated with it. Together with the design of the product or service, a brand identity supports the product- or service experience.


The visual design language of a brand is a tool to support the values it is standing for. At best it transmits those values through visual cues, sometimes literally, but mostly by abstract visualisation.

Logo for Core

The identity design for Core utilises the shape of a folded, infinite loop as a logo.

Logo for Core

A Core logo application.


I help clients find a voice for their brand, through research, brand value assessment and brand positioning. In workshops we figure out the essense of the brand.

The process that often follows involves name-finding, as well as the development of a brand identity, a set of visual design applications which transmit the uniqueness of the brand.

Logo shape for Waste Connects

Logo shape for a Sydney based waste management startup.

Marketing material for Waste Connects

Waste Connects applied in marketing material.

The Posso logo

Logo for a Swiss brand for products for disabled and elderly persons.

A brochure for Posso

A brochure for Posso.

The Posso website

The Posso website.

The Co Agency logo

Logo for a Liechtenstein based digital marketing company.

Visual language for Co Agency

Visual language for the Co Agency identity design.

Ebook covers for Co Agency

Ebook covers for Co Agency.

Logo for Gofar

The visual language of the Gofar identity incorporates the logo, brand colours and a subdued mood, to associate it with a calm, nice drive.

App for Gofar

The Gofar app driving state was designed to not disturb the driver, but allow access when required.

App for Gofar

The Gofar app insights panel provides data visualisaions.

App for Gofar

When not in driving mode, the Gofar app Home panel provides an overview of driving trends and most recent trips.

Gofar Icon Set

The icons for Gofar transfer the Gofar device’s simplicity and provide a sense of clarity. They are easy to memorize in the UI and tey support the brand message, of calm, secure driving as well.

Logo shape for Waste Connects

Logo for Cate, a new kind of communication app and platform.

Identity Sytem for Brevity

Logo for Brevity, a new type foundry in work.

Logo for a photographer

Logo for a versatile identity design for a fashion photographer.

Previous Work

  • Brand strategy and identity design for Durst Group, Italy
  • Brand strategy for Single Cell, NSW, Australia
  • Product identity design for Cate, a communications app
  • Brand strategy and identity design for fashion label Vee, NSW, Australia
  • Brand strategy for Guave Studio and Motion, Switzerland
  • Product identity design for Datacolor, Switzerland
  • Identity design for Buqoo, a community app, USA
  • Website for JWT Switzerland
  • Identity design for Kurz Juwelier, Switzerland
  • Identity design for Cel4, a Web Agency