I blame you, America

The whole world is in turmoil and it’s your fault, America. I don’t want to beat around the bush and say it was just a small fraction that started this all. It may be true that the minority that got Trump to power was a relatively small group. But it’s irrelevant.

The entire nation enabled a malignant narcissist to bend the world to his will through manipulation, distortion of facts and spreading division, and you were letting him get away with it for over two years.

If you feel I am exaggerating somewhat, let’s cut it down to just a few of the variety of facts that piled up over relatively short time:

  • Open and public abuse of people entering the U.S., causing chaos over several weeks and costing millions (travel ban)
  • Open and public abuse of children and their families by separating families from children, causing trauma in thousands of innocent families, hurting generations of kids growing up, many of which will never see their parents again
  • Open and public abuse of journalism (not just journalists, but the entire industry), open suppression of freedom of speech, publicly and aggressively undermining the legitimacy of a free and open press
  • A constantly lying president, a proven liar and fact-manipulator, who is openly proud of his lies and manipulations
  • Enabling public trauma, by allowing objectively visible, malignant narcissistic behaviour by Mr Trump, allowing him to manipulate staff, politicians, parties, journalists, foreign country leaders, forcing everyone to believe they are partly responsible for his own artificially created fantasies and problems
  • Trump openly abusing his power to enrich himself through the presidency
  • Openly endorsing murder (Saudi Arabia)
  • Openly supporting White Nationalism (Charlottesville)
  • Public suppression and abuse of minorities, such as gay and transgenders (transgender ban in the military)
  • Suppression of women’s rights in public, enabling people who are proven abusers and putting them in places of ultimate power that lasts over decades
  • Shut down the entire government of the United States, preventing its basic functions

This list doesn’t even include the points of morality, such as his personal treatment of women.

It also doesn’t include: “meddling with a foreign power to gain power and manipulate the democratic process of the United States”. It also doesn’t include: “Ignoring campaign funding regulations” and: “Money laundering and abuse of inauguration funds”. All these are clearly defined as crimes in the U.S. and yet, even if proven true, for neither one Mr Trump will likely go to jail. “No president is above the law” is apparently out of order, thanks to the ambiguity of the U.S. Constitution – which, by the way, was written hundreds of years ago and its authors could not possibly have foreseen every eventuality of the future. But that is a whole different problem.

Most, if not all of the points in the list above, could have been avoided. Most, if not all, will have an extremely negative effect on the entire world, not just the United States.

Not stopping, but endorsing and promoting Climate Change, has a lasting, damning, and irreversible effect on everyone’s lives, for the next several hundred years.

There is no one to blame for this but you, America, your broken, dysfunctional system.

Note, that I am not blaming democracy here, but your incompetence of setting up your democracy in a way that would prevent morons with malignant narcissism to take over and manifest the new normality of autocratic leadership in the U.S., completely removing the ethics and values you once held up so high.

(Actually, you did set something up called the “Electoral College” for exactly this, preventing a moron from taking over as president. Apparently this didn’t work out well.)

Shouldn’t we focus on fixing this?

I am not a U.S. citizen. What right do I have to accuse America of wrong doing? Why should anyone blame you? Is it constructive to put blame out there? Shouldn’t we all be focussing on fixing this?

Let me break this down. I may sound very arrogant right now and very upset. That’s because I am upset.

This is something that is affecting us all, for a very long time and it is going to leave a bruise on the world.

Putting all anger aside, this is not really something that can be dealt with by keeping on the gloves. There is no easy way to handle this anymore. The moment you allowed the inauguration to happen, despite the known facts, despite the known crimes and history of manipulations by Mr Trump, you, America, triggered an avalanche that pulled the entire world in its Maelstrom.

I understand that when this all began, you didn’t have enough proof. You knew the Trump we all knew from the Media. We were all under the impression that Mr Trump, while not very bright, had built his own brand successfully and had survived every catastrophic business turn he ever made. We all knew he is mentally stuck somewhere between 1977 and 1982, with all his views on everything, women, race, clichés about foreigners, economy, politics – he has no clue about the latter two, but you still gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Trump, who inherited his father’s wealth and built nothing but a colourful bubble, who is a teenager in a man’s body, a guy with seriously distorted world views stuck in 1970s racist and abusive clichés, living a Ken-and-Barbie-like fantasy of a misogynistic playboy life, became 54th president of the United States of America, which gave him the power to trigger national emergencies and nuclear wars.

And for two years you have been scratching your head trying to figure out how you can remove this incompetent man from the dangerous position you placed him in – and you are doing that by still trying to follow common rules – many of which you took for granted but never really manifested as tangible, useable federal legislation.

Which may be part of the issue: not everything can be put in law. Some things are set up through a vaguely defined set of ethics rules everyone commonly agrees upon. That is okay, so long as everyone involved applies their personal traits of character, such as decency and morality. I don’t have to put in words why that didn’t work out well.

The whole story has a long development that enabled the possibility of Trump’s rise into the position you placed him in. It is a history of neglect and political malignancy, for sure, but it isn’t a “division of the country” that is to blame. The country is not evenly divided – the gap is between an extremist minority and a large community that has been hijacked by the minority. I am not talking about liberal versus conservative, I am talking about the people.

Abuse has taken place. There is no “going back to normal” after this. We all will have to live with the the trauma it caused.

What you can do is twofold.

One, reinvent your democracy right now. Redesign the president’s role and the power assigned to this role before electing your next president. Don’t ever let anything like this happen again. Don’t give a president autocratic power equivalent to that of a king. Other countries will guide you by example. Don’t put billionaires of any kind in charge of anything concerning the public. Don’t let oligarchs erect a shadow government under the pretense of democracy.

Then, we all need to start healing. We need to understand, admit our blindness, acknowledge the abuse and learn from it.

On a very practical level, we need to stop climate change now by any means, or it will inevitably eradicate civilisation for good.

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