February 15, 2019

I blame you, America

The entire nation enabled a malignant narcissist to bend the world to his will through manipulation, distortion of facts and spreading division, and you were letting him get away with it for over two years.
The Eternal Student

When I grew up, I distinctively remember a situation at home, probably in a conversation with my parents and siblings. I learned a new idiom that day: “He’s been the eternal student”.

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My friends sometimes reminded me I was acting older than I was. What they didn’t know was that I felt older than I acted. And what no one knew was how much of a romantic I was inside.

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Winning When You Least Expect It

“Anything else?” the moderators asked after all were done. “We’d really like to hear some spontaneous ideas, or even if you found a problem you think that should be solved, come on stage and let us know!”. The crowd clapped in a driving pace and as if someone else had slipped into me, I rose from my seat.

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My Good Movie Rules

These rules define what makes a good, entertaining film for me. But they are more than that. They are principles of good storytelling.

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