Experience Relationships

Well designed products and services, together with brand values, establish a relationship field between humans and themselves.

Experience Design

Wherever humans live, everything around us in life, everything you use, apply and take for granted, has been designed by someone. Buildings, parks, facilities, stores, also organizations, institutions, laws and services, were all built by design.

Experience Design focuses on how the experience of these things feels. Ideally, these experiences are delightful, but often they are frustrating for users and customers.

I help organisations, companies and institutions to develop better experiences fot their products and services.

Service Design

Today we live in a world with products that are also services, and many services come with an array of products embedded in them. The clear distinction of services and products has diminished.

Service Design looks at the connecting points between an organisation, its staff and the customers interacting with them. It is an approach to improve the experience of these interactions and sometimes to develop innovative approaches to better address people’s needs.

Previous Work

  • Experience design consulting for a community platform, undisclosed location
  • Experience design and strategy for a learning Web app for teenagers, CodeCamp, NSW, Australia
  • Experience design and strategy for a swimming app, Mad Island Sports, NSW, Australia
  • Experience Design and strategy for a community platform, ConX, NSW, Australia
  • Experience design and strategy for various projects, Disrupt, NSW, Australia
  • Experience design and strategy for the product design of Gofar, NSW, Australia

Durst P5 Design Strategy Showcase

Durst P5 Introduction

With its P5 technology, Durst introduced a large format printer with the capability to print with 5 picolitre units – a technological breakthrough in large format printing.

Durst P5 Introduction

The higher resolution of P5 printing means images appear more realistic, so it is virtually “changing your perception”. The introduction campaign used authentic portrait photos of regular people, not professional models.

Durst P5 Introduction

The strategy for the Durst P5 product introduction was based on the very core of the product, so its advantage over previous technologies was used for authentic storytelling across the board.

Durst P5 Introduction

The concept consisted of various parts, among them an update of the entire visual design of the company, as well as new icons communicating the printing usage of each business segment.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking employs an ideology – thinking of users first – and applies it to development processes in business and practically any form of organisation.

Design Thinking is a foundation for my work, it spans across all development, from strategy over brands to the user experience in software applications.

Work With Core

In 2012 I founded Core to offer consulting, strategy and design work. Have a look, and if you are interested we can collaborate on your next project.


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