A relationship between people and a brand is based on how well the product can fulfill the brand promise. The essence of a brand grows from its core, the values that are associated with it. Together with the design of the product or service, a brand identity supports the product- or service experience.


The visual design language of a brand is a tool to support the values it is standing for. At best it transmits those values through visual cues, sometimes literally, but mostly by abstract visualisation.

Logo for Henning von Vogelsang

A monogram logo for an identity design for Henning von Vogelsang.

Book Cover for Henning von Vogelsang

Book cover with the monogoram application.


I help clients find a voice for their brand, through research, brand value assessment and brand positioning. In workshops we figure out the essense of the brand.

The process that often follows involves name-finding, as well as the development of a brand identity, a set of visual design applications which transmit the uniqueness of the brand.

Logo for Core

The identity design for Core utilises the shape of a folded, infinite loop as a logo.

The Core logotype

The combined Logo and Logotype of the Core identity design, set in Hikari Regular.

Logo for a photographer

Logo for a versatile identity design for a fashion photographer.

Record cover

Record cover for alternative electronic music.

Record cover

Record cover for electronic music.

Previous Work

  • Brand strategy and identity design for Durst Group, Italy
  • Brand strategy and identity design for Co Agency, Liechtenstein
  • Brand strategy and identity design for Gofar, NSW, Australia
  • Brand strategy and identity design for Waste Connects, NSW, Australia
  • Brand strategy for Single Cell, NSW, Australia
  • Product identity design for Cate, a communications app
  • Brand strategy and identity design for fashion label Vee, NSW, Australia
  • Brand strategy for Guave Studio and Motion, Switzerland
  • Product identity design for Datacolor, Switzerland
  • Identity design for Buqoo, a community app, USA
  • Identity design for Kurz Juwelier, Switzerland
  • Identity design for Cel4, a Web Agency

Work With Core

In 2012 I founded Core to offer consulting, strategy and design work. Have a look, and if you are interested we can collaborate on your next project.